Vehicle Wrap Statistics – Grow Your Business On the Go

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How to get the maximum eyeballs for their advertising spends is the biggest concern for any business owner or marketer. Advertising encompasses a sizable chunk of a company’s marketing budget and no doubt the business owner would want the highest ROIs for their money.  Besides, advertising tools are constantly evolving and innovation is the key to reaching your consumer and ensuring your product doesn’t get lost in a sea of brands.

Vehicle wraps have found favour with independent and small business owners in the recent years for the wraps’ low-cost and high-reach (around 30,000 – 70,000 daily impressions) potential. Additionally, car wrapping allows maximum utilization of the company’s vehicles or fleet as mobile advertising tools that scream the company’s message day in and day out.

Benefits Of Vehicle Wrapping

Tasteful and crisp advertising through car wrapping can go a long way in creating a positive image for your brand and attracting customers towards your business. Always go for trusted vehicle wrapping professionals to get the maximum bang for your buck.

Car wrapping is one of the cheapest forms of advertising, however, there are a number of other advantages too that include:

  • Building brand recognition
  • Product promotion
  • 24×7 advertising
  • Customizable according to marketing strategy
  • Sales tracking – this can be done by using a special number only for mobile advertising so when a consumer calls, you know they saw your ad on the road
  • Brand awareness even when the vehicle is parked

Have Your Customers Wrapped Around Your Finger

Low cost
Vehicle wrapping costs much lower than other traditional forms of media including newspaper and TV and have a far wider reach and higher CPM. Not to forget, way longer shelf life too!

Use the KISS (Keep it Simple Silly) philosophy
Your audience has a limited time to view your ad so stick to a slogan or logo and easy to remember phone number or website address

Drive Responsibly
Consumers relate responsible driving with a conscious and trustworthy brand

Audience can’t escape
Be it a traffic jam or a busy signal, your audience cannot help but look at your ad as it does not have the option to change the channel or flip the page

Elite Tint

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