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Stone Guard Vehicle Protection

Elite Tint is a proud retailer of Stone Guard paint protection films. We provide high-quality installation and maintenance services for ultimate car protection and your peace of mind.

The paint protection films (also known as PPF or clear bra) are thermoplastic urethane films which we apply on top of car paint on a new or used car. They are transparent so they will not ruin the aesthetic appearance of your car; rather, they will enhance it. The way in which they do so is by preventing stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions from affecting your car paint.

At Elite Tint, we custom cut the paint protection film according to your car’s measurements. We also stand behind Stone Guard clear bras and their longevity. Rest assured that our film will not crack or yellow upon UV light exposure.

stone guard paint protection

Paint Protection Film – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I wax my paint protection film?

You can install wax on top of your paint protection film as long as it is not a hard-compound wax because these collect on the edges of the film. You may seal your PPF with carnauba wax.

  • How do you care for a paint protection film?
  1. Wait 72 hours after paint protection installation to wash your car.
  2. After the 72 hours have passed, frequent car washings are recommended.
  3. Use only soft microfibre cloths to wash and dry your car.
  4. Avoid power-based detergents seeing as they are too abrasive and might damage your PPF.
  • Where is paint protection film installed?

Paint Protection films are typically installed over a car paint job on the front parts of the car because they are the most subject to damage, but they can also be applied to the entire body of the vehicle for extra protection.

  • Can I remove paint protection film off my car?

Paint protection films can be removed, and the quality of film we use will guarantee that removal does not do any harm to your vehicle.

Stone Guard Experts

You can trust Elite Tint Auto Styling in Vaughan to oversee your protective film application. Stone Guard is one of the most trusted names in Auto protection and we are one of the most trusted service providers in Vaughan and the rest of the GTA. Together that is almost an unbeatable combination that has brought joy to countless clients!

Contact us today to learn more about Stone Guard in Vaughan and how we can help you protect one of your biggest investments. As the top-rated company in the GTA we want to ensure that you derive enjoyment from your vehicle for years to come!