Ceramic Coating Guide

Your car is your pride and job. That’s why you want it to look as amazing as it did the day you drove it off the lot. But how do you get your car to maintain that glossy finish without leaving chips or marks on your paint? Ceramic coating provides a high-quality finish that protects your vehicle from dirt and damage.

The experienced team at Elite Tint can help you bring your car back to life with ceramic coating treatments that are designed to enhance the beauty and value of your vehicle. We offer the knowledge and skill to restore your car’s finish and turn your car into a showpiece you can take pride in.

Ceramic Coating is the perfect option for car collectors who want to bring their classic back to life. Ceramic Coating is safe for all paint types and offers a high-gloss finish that can restore the look of your vintage car ensuring it keeps it’s like new look. It is also an excellent choice for everyday drivers who want to protect their car from the damaging effects of daily driving and the elements.

Sun, salt, harsh temperatures and regular driving can cause significant wear and tear on your car’s finish. Ceramic Coating helps you keep your car looking new longer and prevents unnecessary damage to you car’s exterior.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

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Your car’s finish can dull over time. Weather, daily driving, and debris can erase the beautiful finish you remember when you took your car home for the first time. Ceramic coating restores the finish of your car using a liquid polymer that is meticulously applied by hand bonding to the factory paint. The result is a beautiful finish that restores the look of your vehicle and protects the finish from further damage or dulling. The ceramic coating doesn’t wash off or require reapplication so you get to enjoy the look of your refinished car for years to come.

What Does a Ceramic Coating Do?

Ceramic Coating provides added protection by providing multi-level protection designed to protect your vehicle from weather, time, and damage.

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Chemical Stains and Etching

Did you know your car can get stains and scratches from daily chemical exposure? Your car faces a barrage of atmospheric damage every day which can lead to paint breaking down over time. Ceramic Coating bonds your vehicle’s paint protecting chemicals from damaging your car.

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UV Damage

Your vehicle spends countless hours out in the hot sun. Ceramic Coating protects your paint’s finish from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This prevents oxidation from dulling and fading your paint.

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Keeping Your Vehicle Clean

You want your car to always look its best. Ceramic Coating keeps your car looking clean thanks to its hydrophobic properties that repel water and prevent a build-up of dirt on your paint’s finish. Ceramic Coating creates a beautiful glass finish that makes removing dirt and debris easy. The grime just slides right off during the cleaning process, leaving you with a perfect finish.

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Enhanced Finish

You take pride in your vehicle’s finish. That’s why you want it to sparkle and shine just like the day you bought it. Ceramic Coating enhances the look of your paint job giving a glossy finish that is ‘showroom’ worthy. Our team of Ceramic Coating technicians has the expertise and skill to give your car a stunning finish. We take the time and care needed to ensure that every inch of your vehicle looks its finest.

What Does a Ceramic Coating Not Do?

Ceramic Coating is designed to preserve and enhance the finish of your car. You should still abide by your car manuals’ suggested maintenance and cleaning guide. Ceramic Coating provides your car with a beautiful finish that repels dirt and grime and prevents damage. You should still take your car for regular cleanings and interior detailings to maintain the Ceramic Coating finish.

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Scratches and Chips

Ceramic Coatings help protect the finish of your car by adding a layer of protection against exterior damage, however, you can still experience rock chips or scratches from other vehicles or bikes. We recommend a Paint Protection Film to get better protection from damage.

Remember it is always important to use the right washing technique to prevent swirl marks on your finish. Consult your owner’s manual for your car’s specific care instructions.

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Ceramic Coating offers exceptional hydrophobic properties that reduce spotting on your car after cleaning or rain. You may still experience some spotting due to the dirt and minerals that are naturally found in water droplets. Always make sure to thoroughly clean your car to avoid spots or water beading. Dry your car thoroughly after cleaning with a sham or other authorized cloth. This will protect the Ceramic Coating finish and prevent unsightly spotting.

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Washing Your Car

With Ceramic Coating you will experience the highest level of finish protection. It is important to still maintain your car’s regular cleaning schedule to ensure you experience the best look possible for your vehicle. Ceramic Coating does offer the added benefit of no longer having to wax your vehicle since the level of protection provided by the coating is equal to that of a wax finish. Consult with one of our expert coating technicians for a complete overview of how you can maintain your car’s finish once you apply Ceramic Coating.

Common Ceramic Coating Myths

Ceramic Coating provides the ultimate protection of your car’s finish. You have learned all about the great benefits you get when you choose Ceramic Coating. We have also shared some great tips on things Ceramic Coating does not offer to ensure you follow the necessary steps to ensure a glossy finish and clean exterior that exceeds your expectations.

There are a few more helpful tips you should keep in mind to ensure you always look great. Here are some of the most common Ceramic Coating Myths to help you better understand how to keep your car looking great.

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Ceramic Coating Is Bullet Proof

This is absolutely false. Ceramic Coating does offer a protective layer for your car to provide it with a glossy and polished finish. It does not, however, offer any additional safety benefits for your car. Ceramic Coating has a 9H rating, meaning it can help protect your finish from nicks and scratches. It does not protect your vehicle from high-impact collisions or bullets.

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You No Longer Need To Maintain Your Car’s Finish

This is also false. Ceramic Coating provides a beautiful finish for your car, but you still have to maintain it with regular cleaning and careful drying to ensure it always looks its best. Once our team completes the Ceramic Coating process, we will review the best methods to maintain your new finish so your car always looks amazing.

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You Don’t Have To Apply Ceramic Coating Again.

Another myth. Ceramic coating provides a semi-permanent bond with your car’s exterior that although long-lasting, will eventually wear off over time. Most coatings last from 2 to 3 years, providing you with exceptional protection that exceeds other coating options. The team at Elite Tint will be able to provide you with regular coating evaluations to let you know when you should schedule a new Ceramic Coating application.

You Can Apply Ceramic Coating Yourself?

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We don’t recommend it. To ensure Ceramic Coating is applied properly we recommend you trust the professionals at Elite Tint. Your car’s finish requires preparation so that the Ceramic Coating adheres to your car’s exterior the way it should. Any existing oxidation and paint issues must be fixed before application to prevent peeling or chips in the Ceramic Coating. Let the professionals at Elite Tint make sure that your Ceramic Coating is done right!

Your Car’s Imperfections Will Disappear

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Ceramic Coating enhances the look of your car. You will see a beautiful high gloss finish and an overall improvement to the look of your vehicle. Damage like scratches, dents, and permanent marks on your vehicle can not be covered by Ceramic Coating. We suggest talking with one of our technicians about how we can improve the look of your car before adding the Ceramic Coating to ensure you get the most value out of your coating application.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will get the best enjoyment out of your car’s new ceramic coating finish.

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last when Properly Applied?

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Several factors determine the longevity of your car’s ceramic coating. The existing finish, environment, and driving conditions.

The team at Elite Tint can ensure that your vehicle’s finish is prepared properly for the Ceramic Coating to be applied. We use only the highest quality of Ceramic Coating with 80% silica dioxide or higher so that you can feel confident your finish is going to last a long time. Unlike hardware store brands that only last a few months, Ceramic Coating by Elite Tint can last up to 5 years if you take proper care of your car’s finish with regular maintenance and cleaning.

How Do You Remove the Ceramic Coating from A Car?

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You should always rely on a trusted professional to remove your car’s Ceramic Coating. The team at Elite Tint has the knowledge and expertise to remove an existing Ceramic Coating to ensure there is no damage or scratching to your car’s finish. Remember chemical strippers can be hazardous to your health. The acids can damage your skin and eyes and may cause damage to moldings and tires if not applied properly.

Let the team at Elite Tint take the stress and danger out of removing Ceramic Coating to protect the look and value of your car.

How do you maintain a ceramic coating?

Protecting your Ceramic Coating is important to ensure you get the longest possible life and best results from your investment. If you follow the guidelines we mentioned earlier, then you will get many years out of your coating.

Here are some additional tips and steps you can follow to make sure you protect your Ceramic Coating finish.

  • Hand Wash Your Vehicle – The car wash may seem like a convenience, but remember many car wash’s use heavy solvents and cleaners that can damage the finish on your car over time. We suggest you take the time to hand wash your car to ensure your car isn’t exposed to chemicals or other irritants that may cause the coating to crack or peel.
  • Use Neutral Car Shampoo – Choosing the right cleaners is important to protect the finish of your car. We recommend using a neutral car shampoo that does not contain any harsh chemicals or cleaners. This will protect your car’s finish from damage. We suggest the ‘two buckets’ method. One bucket for soap and one bucket for water to maximize cleanliness and prevent residue build-up.
  • Wash Regularly – It’s important to keep your car clean to protect the seal on Ceramic Coating. We suggest you hand wash your car approximately every other week and limit trips to the automatic car wash to get the most out of your car’s finish and prevent stripping.
  • Boost The Benefits – To maintain the look and finish of your Ceramic Coating, we suggest using a high-quality SiO2 ceramic boost spray after washing your car to maintain the longevity of your car’s finish. The team at Elite Tint can provide you with suggestions for the best SiO2 ceramic boost spray for your vehicle.

Your car is an important part of your life. It gets you from home to work and from kid’s activities to grandma’s house. It’s important to take the time to protect your investment. Ceramic Coating is an affordable way to get longevity out of your car’s finish and let you enjoy the ‘new car’ look for as long as you own your car.

Contact us today to learn more about how Elite Tint can make your car shine again.