Ceramic Pro Coating

Waxing is Obsolete

Ceramic Pro products are revolutionizing the car care industry and Elite Tint Auto Styling Center is proud to offer them to our valued clients. While other companies offer waxes or sealants to protect car surfaces that will eventually wear away, ceramic car coating nanotechnology offers a permanent protection for paint, alloy wheels, rubber, glass, and leather, and is applicable to all surfaces in the car industry.

Ceramic Car Coating Advantages

Ceramic Pro 9H covers the car and cures, providing a hardness of 9H whereas most alternatives offer only 2H to 4H. This is the hardest coat on the market, preventing minor scratches, and efficiently self-cleaning.

Your paint will not be damaged by scratches because they can just be removed from the coat with a light polish.
The colour of your vehicle will not fade because of your ceramic car coating block UV rays.
Your car will not be dirty because the coating is hydrophobic, and bugs, dirt, droppings, and even graffiti paint will not bond to the paint. Read on for a more comprehensive list of advantages!

Ceramic car coating

Ceramic Pro Treatment

  • Enhanced looks with unbeatable glossiness

  • Increased comfort knowing your paint is safe

  • Substantially higher resale value

  • Block UV rays, protecting interior and exterior

  • Less maintenance

  • One-time professional application

  • Reduced air conditioning costs

Ceramic Pro Experts

The Elite Tint team is the top-rated ceramic car coating company in the GTA. Contact us today and ask for a quote, or book an appointment today to protect your car!