3M Paint Defender – Protection Film

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3M Is The Original And Still The Best

We have all had that moment. That moment where perhaps, you come back from shopping in the supermarket and you see it. You see a scratch when you are approaching your car. You don’t know how it happened and you don’t know what you can do to get rid of it.

But, what if you never have to encounter this scenario? What if you made a small investment in your vehicle that will protect it from bugs, nicks, rocks, chip scratches and stains for the rest of the car’s life?

The experts at Elite Tint Auto Styling Centre in Vaughan can help to facilitate this small investment. Elite Tint Auto Styling carries paint protection in Vaughan. Our business is ready and waiting to help you protect your investment.

Which Paint Defender to Choose?

3M is the original and best paint protection film on the market. In fact, it is still a trusted product of NASCAR Race Cars.

In an effort to bring you better products and better protection,  paint protection has created 3 levels of products that range from Good to Best, in order to help you choose the right level of protection for your vehicle.  Paint protection is guaranteed to protect your car for 5 to 7 years (depending on the level of protection that you choose).

You can trust 3M and you can trust Elite Tint Auto Styling with your Vaughan paint protection project. We encourage you to use this product to protect the showroom quality finish of your vehicle. It not only protects your vehicle, but also increases the resale value should you choose to sell it.

At Elite Tint Auto Styling Centre we have a variety of paint protection packages that you can choose from. You can protect specific vehicle areas like the door handle cavities or the full vehicle bumper-to-bumper. The choice is yours. Call us today for more information about Vaughan paint protection.